Wednesday, December 29

Free Chipotle Gift Card Give Away

Free Chipotle Gift Card
So I stumbled across a free Chipotle gift card give away and I can only hope I win but I'm sharing it with all of you guys cause I have terrible luck and probably won't win anyways! The free Chipotle gift card is for $250 and is a must have for any of you Chipotle lovers out there!

To enter into the free Chipotle Mexican Grill gift card give away simply put in your email and click submit here (Click Me). There are no other rules or conditions however I would advise you to use one of your older emails that you don't mind getting a bit of junk mail to (I made the mistake of putting my school mail into a giveaway and I got spam everywhere!) I don't really know when they are doing a drawing or if they have one/multiple cards they are giving away but I checked it out and it looks legit!

Hopefully one of you readers get the free Chipotle gift card and if you do you should share with us via a comment! Hope to hear from you if you win!

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Sunday, January 8

Sign Up To Chipotle's Mailing List!

free Chipotle by registering
Get Updates And Notifications On Free Chipotle By Registering
If you have not been to Chipotle's website yet, you are going to want to visit there right after you read this! In an earlier post I talked about getting free Chipotle through attending store openings however how do you find out about the new store openings? Well, if you sign up to Chipotle's mailing list via their website you can be alerted of all openings in your area and then score your free Chipotle burrito then!

The Chipotle website is here and you simply register and then you will begin receiving emails and updates that way. In addition to getting updates on Chipotle openings, you can even receive updates on buy one Chipotle burrito and get one free coupons!

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Thanks and enjoy your free Chipotle!

Tuesday, January 3

Have A Question About Chipotle? Ask "The Man" Himself On Facebook!

Sorry this article is going to be on free Chipotle however I wanted to highlight something that I thought was really cool; Chipotle has a very active Facebook! Ya, not that cool, but when you ask a question the people running the Chipotle Facebook page answer it almost right away! You can always ask if they are going to open up a new store near you, when one should be completed, why something is the way it is, or just leave them a compliment on how delicious their food is!

Chipotle is by far my favorite restaurant and I think it is great that they are so active with their customers! Check out for yourself and see the Chipotle Facebook page here:  

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Get Free Chipotle Coupons For A Price At Ebay!

When it comes to free Chipotle coupons and gift cards I try to look everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Thankfully online stores such as eBay and Amazon make it really easy to find whatever you need at a much cheaper price than if you were at a regular store!

One of the big things I love to buy on eBay is coupons. You can get tons of grocery coupons, pop coupons, and coupons for basically anything! So when I began scouring the internet for free Chipotle coupons and gift cards that was one of the first places I looked. Unfortunately if you buy anything off of eBay you always pay a price, however you can decide how much you want to bid and are willing to spend - additionally you still end up saving a few bucks in the end which is always a plus!

I just checked and on eBay the gift cards are selling for their face value which kind of defeats the purpose of going to there and buying them; however there is an abundance of coupons on sale!

Chipotle Coupon For TWO! Free Shipping!
Expedited shipping available
Returns: Not accepted
3 Bids

For a coupon for two thats a great deal - you are saving at least half and there are tons more coupons just like that! If you want to have more people come with you then check out this free Chipotle coupon:
Chipotle Coupon For FOUR! Entrees, Chips, Guac, Drinks! Free Shipping! No More!$26.99
Free shipping

WOW! For four? That's only $6.75 each which is just under the price for one burrito however with this coupon you get the chips drinks and guac!

I also looked on however I didn't find anything other than cookbooks for free Chipotle coupons and gift cards. Thankfully you can always rely on eBay and save yourself a few bucks by taking a minute or two to search for a coupon!

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Friday, December 30

Free Chipotle Gift Card - Different Contest Than Previous

Getting a free Chipotle burrito here and there is awesome, however winning a $100 Chipotle Mexican Grill gift card is significantly better! I posted earlier a free Chipotle gift card contest that was for a massive $250 gift card (you can enter for that free Chipotle card here - just input your email), however there is a separate contest going on at a different place for a $100 free Chipotle card.

I just entered for the free Chipotle gift card myself as I am a big fan of give aways and contests even though I rarely win! Entering for both definitely increases your chances of winning so I'll put both links for the free Chipotle contests here in this post for you!

The free Chipotle gift card for $100 mentioned in this post is here (Click Me) - simply input your email and submit it.

The second free Chipotle gift card for $250 that was discussed in an earlier post is here (Click Me) - Like the $100 gift card you simply input your email and hope for the best!

If you win the details for the gift card will be emailed to you, however if you lose you simply won't receive anything. Either way, you need to be in the United States to apply for these gift cards (No sorry Canada doesn't work) 

Best of luck to all of you who enter for the free Chipotle gift card contests! If you win then let us know or if you have other free Chipotle tips then simply leave them in a comment below!

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